Steven, the Engineering Manager, says: "I have been impressed with the teamwork that extends throughout the whole company. We work in harmony and there is no room for office politics." "Top management has been very supportive in helping me identify new opportunities and assignments. They are concerned with staff's personal development."

Orwell, the Management Team, says: "My experience at OKIA has probably changed my life. It has helped me develop as an individual, open my mind and has exposed me to life-changing experiences. My personal relationships with people inside OKIA have grown into some of my best friendships. I have experienced things I believe only OKIA made happen. I feel rewarded and appreciated for what I do. I feel excited when company's business continues to grow. I feel happy for my work / life balance. I can say, I love my job and the people I work with."

Wing, the Assistant Logistics Supervisor, says: "OKIA is a good company, it provides systematic and holistic training program. Also, management in OKIA is willing to hear my ideas and give many opportunities for me to learn and develop. I really enjoy it."

Selina, the Sales & Marketing Manager, says: "OKIA is a fantastic company. I enjoy my time in OKIA and feel proud of being OKIAN. We could find care, energy, team work spirit and innovation in OKIA. Though challenges happen all the time in our life, OKIA and OKIAN inspired my mind: "Everything is possible". I learnt and gained many invaluable experiences here. It's very useful in my life. I love OKIA and OKIAN."