Our Vision

We want to be the driving force behind your success, aim to become one of the best eyewear service providers.

Our Mission

"OKIA makes you look better".

Our Culture

OKIA's focus is on total customer satisfaction and ensuring we exceed the expectations of each and every customer.

Our staff of more than 200 experts is dedicated to excellent service, supported by unrivalled knowledge and technical expertise. We are passionate about our work, and this passion translates into the most innovative, customer-orientated eyewear available anywhere in the world.

At OKIA, we believe our success depends on a four-way winning relationship between the OKIA business, our staff, our suppliers, and most crucially, our customers. By developing this relationship over time, we have nurtured a profitable business renowned for the superior quality and timely delivery of its eyewear products.

Flexibility is a key element of the OKIA culture - we are able to adapt to our customers' needs and our team welcomes the challenge of creating new designs to set the latest optical trends.

Profitability is at the core of our business, both for ourselves and for our customers. Our aim is to continue to grow, while maintaining the customer service and innovation that have been the foundations for our success.

Our Values

At OKIA we are committed to excellence.

Our products continue to evolve with the changing marketplace, reflecting and informing our customers' requirements. Our engineers are the most skilful, our strategists are the most astute and our distribution network stretches further than any other.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at OKIA. We are constantly seeking out new ways of production to broaden the range of products we offer to our customers. Equally, we listen to our customers, and can adapt our methods to satisfy even the most unusual requests.

By combining the core values of excellence we are able to achieve profitability for our customers and OKIA. We understand that the success of your business depends on the high quality, fast manufacture and reliable delivery of our products. Equally, OKIA's growth depends on retaining our customers and helping them achieve their goals. This co-operation results in a winning scenario for everyone.

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