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Jan 2017 - Consumer Caring Award
Jan 2017 - The 3rd Shenzhen Fashion Eyewear Designer Award
Dec 2016 - Hong Kong Star Brand Award 2016
Nov 2016 - Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards 2016
Nov 2016 - 18th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition
Oct 2016 - Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme 2016
May 2016 - Caring Company Award
Apr 2016 - 2016 Happiness-at-work Label
Mar 2016 - OKIA HDA 10th year Anniversary at MIDO 2016
Jun 2015 - 2015 Happiness-at-work Label
Mar 2015 - Incredible Success for OKIA at MIDO 2015
Feb 2015 - OKIA Booth at Mido 2015
Dec 2014 - Partnership in Serving the Community 2014
Dec 2014 - Partner Employer Award 2014/15
Nov 2014 - Hong Kong Star Brands Award 2014
Sep 2014 - OKIA Private Showroom at Silmo 2014
Jun 2014 - ERB Manpower Developer Award 2015-2017
Jun 2014 - 2014 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
Jun 2014 - 2014 Happiness-at-work Label
Jun 2014 - 2013/14 Hong Kong Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme
Mar 2014 - OKIA's HDA patents in Japan and Australia
Mar 2014 - Discover the new HDA Faces Collection by OKIA
Nov 2013 - Hong Kong Star Brands Awards 2013
Nov 2013 - 15th HK Eyewear Design Competition
Sep 2013 - OKIA Private Showroom at Silmo 2013
Jul 2013 - OKIA's HDA patents in Japan and Australia
Mar 2013 - OKIA Private Showroom at Mido 2013
Nov 2012 - 14th HK Eyewear Design Competition
Nov 2011 - 1st Hong Kong Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme
Nov 2011 - 13th HK Eyewear Design Competition
Nov 2011 - V Award 2011
Sep 2011- OKIA Private Showroom at Silmo 2011
Aug 2011 - The world of High Definition is now online!
Feb 2011 - Designers' World Revolution in Mido 2011
Nov 2010 - 1st Annual Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award 2010
Nov 2010 - The Finalist of HRM Awards 2010 Hong Kong
Oct 2010 - 12th HK Eyewear Design Competition
Sep 2010 - HD Press Conference at Silmo 2010
May 2010 - Nominations in Designpreis 2011 - The Prize of Prizes
Mar 2010 - iF material award 2010 winners
Mar 2010 - OKIA: Committed to Intellectual Property Rights Protection
Mar 2010 - Designers′ World Revolution in Mido 2010
Feb 2010 - Result of HD Eyewear Color Design Award 2009
Jan 2010 - Award Ceremony of HD Eyewear Color Design Award 2009
Nov 2009 - International Eyewear Designers Sharing Session
Oct 2009 - HD Eyewear Color Design Award 2009
Sep 2009 - Silmo d'Or 2009 Nomination
Aug 2009 - iF design award china 2009 Winner
Mar 2009 - Milan Showroom Open Day for HD, Qoins® and Capriss® in Mido 09
Nov 2008 - 10th HK Eyewear Design Competition Nomination
This year, three of our designs have been nominated in the Corporate Group of 10th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition.

Title of Design
Mr Deon Lo

When you wave your hands, your facial appearance is changed. This is the magical skill of Chinese tradition "Bian-Lian". It is how "MASK" comes along.

In the metropolis, people tend to bring many things along when they go out. It is not easy to keep your image when you wish to take care of the things and to take off or wear your eyeglasses simultaneously.

With this innovation, you may master the glasses single-handedly with ease of control, no matter to wear or put it away, and at the same time keep your style of vision. There is no need to worry about spoiling your image.

Title of Design
Go ahead
Ms Bobo Lai

The concept of "go ahead" is to give a feeling of breaking the deadlock & making a fresh start.

The temples are specially made from surface fabric material of "CURL". The frame can easily stick to the hair and does not crush the hairstyle. The paste-on temples look like hair ornaments. All the parts can be reassembled by the wearer. Change of styles is so easy. The fashion trend is started by you.

Title of Design
Mr Chris Chan

Clothing has always been an essential component in the fashion trend. The varieties of fabrics bring us many possibilities. Different fabric materials, colours, cutting & folding methods could make a piece of featureless cloth become an interesting fashion accessory, as in a piece of headscarf.

Eyewear is one of the fashion products that always give us surprise when put on different faces. However, size and material restrictions has limited eyewear's potential as fashion accessory. I wish to explore the possibility of designing a frame with a headscarf in hope of bringing eyewear closer to fashion.

Sep 2008 - Silmo d'Or 2008 Nomination
Mar 2008 - Milan Show Room Grand Opening
Nov 2007 - 9th HK Eyewear Design Competition
Nov 2005 - 6th HK Eyewear Design Competition